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XW is dead. Probably.

Back in 2009, Xyber Wars was back shelved. It probably will not return. It was fun, thanks for the support.
If you want to reconnect with James, get in touch on link below.

Big love!
James Mikkelson aka Taskforce, Xyber Wars life-giver.

Welcome to The Future of Military Combat

Xyber Wars BBMMORPG is a free browser-based real-time massively multiplayer online role-playing game set on an unknown planet deep into the future. You strive to build an all-powerful army, fleet and strong base, ally with friends and destroy enemies.
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Xyber Wars Preface

The year is 6789; technology has advanced incredibly over the past 3 millennia, weapons have become far more powerful and destructive. But in this new land of peace, war was unforeseeable.

To fund the creation of weapons and armies, militants required additional resources and terrain.. It was the 8th month of 6789 when cruisers and war machines entered the Inner Region carrying the flag of Outer Region. The Outer Region demanded resources and terrain which would be used to continue the advancements in technology, but the Inner Region refused and the first shots were fired.

Disagreements exploded within both regions and civil war broke out, Inner Region was fighting both the Outer Region and the rebellions of their own nation, similar events had already started to occur within the Outer Region.





Xyber Wars was created by James Mikkelson.
Copyright 2003-2009. All Rights Reserved.
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